Visiting the DOK Library Concept Centre

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I recently spoke at the UGame ULearn conference in Delft, Netherlands … and had some time to visit the DOK Library Concept Centre while I was there.

DOK is Delft’s local public library – but my, what a library! Cool building, forward-thinking staff, lovely setting … and lots of amazing technology, too. So I took some video!

This video highlights some of the neat projects DOK creates for their community. In each of them, you’ll notice a nice melding of technology, content, and community. Whether they’re working with a Microsoft Surface, creating a video, or setting up gaming in the kids area, they always include content and community connections.

I think the best example of this is highlighted towards the end of the video, when Erik Boekesteijn explains how their art gallery works with local schools to remotely display art in the classroom. Students can view a digitized version of the painting on a TV monitor setup in the classroom – they might see 20-30 works of art, have classroom discussions, etc. Then they take a trip to the library to see the actual painting.

Connecting community to content through technology – nicely done, DOK!

photo of DOK in the video by dmsmidt

  • Mark Borneman

    Great content David! Thank you for sharing. Unfortunately the Shanachieguys are stuck now in Heathrow, waiting for there trip to Canada… But they will also bring back some amazing footage of Canadian libraries. Be sure to check out Erik and Jaap on

    Mark Borneman
    DOK Library Concept Center

  • Kitty Pope

    Amazing…thanks so much David for taking us along.