My Facebook Privacy Settings

One more Facebook post for today. Every Tuesday, I post what I call Tech Tuesdays. It’s a video series I create for the library (Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library). In the videos, I usually talk about library/techie-related things, like ebooks, databases, or fun websites. You can browse around the library’s Youtube channel to see more – just look for “Tech Tuesdays.”

This week, since Facebook was pretty fresh in my mind (see my previous post), I created a video describing how I am currently managing my Facebook privacy settings, and explain what the different settings do.

Thought someone else might find it useful! On a related note, I just ran across this: Consumer Reports Survey: 52 Percent of Social Network Users Post Risky Information. Interesting take (though I don’t agree with everything they said).

  • Colleen Greene

    Great video, David! Very simple and clear. I've already added it to the embedded video player on our new Internet Privacy Awareness guide:

  • davidleeking

    Nice privacy awareness guide – lots of good info there!

  • Angie Fiedler Sutton

    David, the TV news stations here in KC have been doing a 'social networking is dangerous' scare tactic for news reports the last couple of weeks (I haven't watched them, but have heard the commercials for it on the radio) and I have to laugh, because the angle is so obviously a scare tactic blaming the website, rather than the people who are naive enough to be posting the information in the first place. (I mean, would you blame a community center if someone posted their name and address on their public bulletin board?)

    I also find it somewhat amusing when I get these forwards from people frightened (or angry) that their home phone number and address is on Google – I usually e-mail them back and say, 'But you don't mind it being in the phone book that's available to anyone who has a land line (or access to a phone book)?'

    It's just a matter of remembering not to post anything you wouldn't post on a public bulletin board….

  • davidleeking

    Yes! “same as it ever was…”


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