Pennsylvania on Foursquare

Gary Price over at ResourceShelf sent me this – State of Pennsylvania Now Participating in Foursquare; First State to “Sign-Up”

What an interesting project – the State of Pennsylvania apparently worked a deal with Foursquare to have branded Foursquare badges. So for example, if you check-in on Foursquare at one of VisitPA’s recommended Foursquare restaurants, you earn the PA Shooflyer badge.

Cool, huh? In fact, PA’s Deputy Secretary of Tourism is quoted in a PR Newswire article as saying “We would like to see every Pennsylvania  restaurant, retail store, historical site, and museum join Foursquare … ” That’s pretty amazing.

Libraries – is your library on Foursquare yet (we are)? Something to think about … especially if you’re in Pennsylvania, I guess!

ps – make sure to check out ResourceShelf – good stuff! Hey Gary, can we earn a special Foursquare badge for signing up ? :-)