Thinking about Strategy

The fine people at the WebDrivenChurch blog have been thinking about strategy – and I think their ideas for rethinking their tasks and projects is a great one, and can be adapted to also work for other organizations.

Here’s what they’re doing:

“We’re all so tied down to tasks that we can’t pick our heads up to dream again. So we’re doing something about it.

In every setting this might look different, but in ours it looks something like this:

  • Stop: There are things we have done for years that just don’t need to be done anymore. Identify and cut.
  • Combine: There are countless tasks that live independently of each other – but what if they could be combined? Identify and combine.
  • Move: There are thing we do that take HUGE amounts of time and energy. But it is only because of the process. If there were a simpler way to do it wouldn’t that be better? Identify and move.
  • Grow: There are things we are doing that are “old school.” We simply haven’t grown into the technology that is available in that area. Identify and grow.
  • Simplify: And in all things ask if there is a more simple way of presenting the content. Are our websites still too bloated? Have we let our media players get too full? Etc. Identify and simplify.”

What do you think – what can you stop, combine, move, grow, or simplify? I’m guessing a lot…

  • Dennis Tubbergen
  • Dennis Tubbergen
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    I agree with you 100%, that’s the step we should follow.