How a Meme Gets Started

It’s been fun today watching the #inatweet meme take off on Twitter. Which made me think it’d be fun to document it a bit – memes, trends, and interesting topics CAN originate from your organization (it’s certainly happened to my library before).

Here’s how the #inatweet meme started:

Justin Hoenke (@justinlibrarian) was talking to Joe Murphy (@libraryfuture) about Dropbox, a cool file sharing and storage service, and I chimed in too (’cause Dropbox really IS a cool tool). Justin asked Joe and I if “either of you point me in the direction of a good place to start for learning about Dropbox?” I just said “they have a video about themselves – I’d start there.”

Joe, however, tweeted this: “Dropbox in a tweet: Transfer/synch files across comps & mobile devices via web or software @JustinLibrarian @davidleeking.” And I replied back “@libraryfuture @JustinLibrarian good job! Hey, u cld start a meme – describe *** in a tweet!.” …

And of course Joe, master of all things social, actually DID it – “Let’s do it! @davidleeking Librarians- share an intro to a useful tech in a 1 Tweet blurb & use the #inatweet hashtag.” Then we both did a couple of retweets …

And now we have this:

  • #inatweet hashtag on Twitter is being used quite a bit today
  • 14 pages of tweets so far! That’s 200 tweets and counting
  • Way over 50 different services and tools … described in a tweet

Besides being pretty useful – short, to-the-point descriptions of services is always a good thing – think about this:

  • how can YOU start a hashtag meme, a local trend, or even a good discussion in your community’s favorite social media tool of choice?
  • What would you talk about?
  • could you keep it going, AND make it useful to your community?

We need to engage our communities, and something as simple as starting a conversation on a social media tool can be a way to do it. Think about it.

ps – make sure to add to the meme! Describe a service in a tweet, and add the #inatweet hashtag. It’s that simple!

Twitter bird by Marc Benton