Freak Out, Geek Out, or Seek Out – recent presentations

I recently gave my Freak Out, Geek Out, or Seek Out presentation at Lawrence Public Library in Kansas, and at three fun events in Wisconsin. A couple of them were longer, 3-hour talks, and the other two were shorter – this Slideshare slidedeck is for the 3-hour version of the presentation.

All 4 were fun talks with lots of great discussion afterwards. Lawrence and Wisconsin – thanks!

  • Colleen Greene

    Great slideshow, David! Very well done. I just wish I could’ve seen it in person or listened to it remotely.

    Your 1970s OPAC slide is priceless! That got a good 5-minute laugh out of me. But, the visuals for each new milestone were dead on.

    And I love your Web 2.0 Glue illustration; that’s an excellent way to explain the under-the-hood stuff in easy terms most people could understand.

  • Cecily Walker

    Would it be possible to annotate or provide a transcript of your slide presentation? It would be great to understand the point you’re trying to make with certain slides.

  • davidleeking

    I’ve actually shied away from that a bit – it’s a little more work for me,
    and it gives people a “taste” of my presentations. To get the “full DLK” so
    to speak, ya gotta fly me out.

  • davidleeking