Podcamp Topeka – Patrick O’Keefe

We just held our second podcamp at the library – Podcamp Topeka 2010. It went well! Here are notes from our keynote presentation:

Patrick O’Keefe gave the keynote presentation

talking about the Social Technographics Ladded

people who contribute to online forums are influential with purchases – 79.2%

participating in communities and forums as a marketer

– find the right community first – figure out who your audience is and go where they go

– every participant is a marketer

Actually want to be there

– if you don’t really want to be there, it will show

Observe first, act second

– view the community’s social norms

Read the guidelines

– follow them and do NOT violate them – it makes you look bad

In Doubt? As the staff for the forum

– never take chances or assume

Fill out your profile, especially your signature

– in the manner allowed by the guidelines

Don’t Mention Your Stuff
– don’t talk about your company, your articles, etc
– your signature gets you traffic
– your signature is how they find you

Giving example of traditional media who claimed her 1 link in a post was more valuable than 95% pof the posts on the forum … but – the forum had 80,000 posts, had been online for 8 years.

She was wrong.

They asked her to stop, and she refused. So Patrick reached out to her editor/boss.

Building your community on twitter
– brand your profile consistent with your business
– looking for good content to share and sharing, RTing, etc shows that. It builds your credibility.
– interact with people.
– Reply and start conversations with twitter.

Telling the story of flying first class on Delta – because of flight screwups. Delta answered his questions and replies on twitter.

Patrick is showing a search for the hashtag #podcamptopeka.
– explaining that the hashtag search was part of his life for the last month and a half.
– he interacted with people talking about and attending the event
– trying to help people see value in the event, answering questions, etc

– it really helped build up the event! (DLK here)

No one ever asked “what’s the ROI of talking? Which is what twitter is” – scott straiten, @unmarketing

Gary Vaynerchuk – telling the story of how his following started.
– big part of how Gary did that was social media.
– took 2-3 years for his daily wine videos to take off
– he kept at it
– he went to wine forums – he just talked to people. Never mentioned his stuff in threads and posts.
– did the same thing with twitter. He did searches for chardonnay, then simply answered the questions.

Made an app – Ask Gary. That’s all it does – sends a question to Gary, and he answers it.

Yay – he’s looking at Topeka Library’s Facebook page – said we’re doing a good job of monitoring it.
– people don’t friend buildings.
– they friend people.

Explaining how he interacted with people in the area before the event. Started with the people he knew, then spread it out to influencers, traditional media, etc.

Showed how it wasn’t any one person that helped bring people to the event – it was everyone tweeting, helping, volunteering and sponsoring.

  • http://www.managingcommunities.com Patrick O’Keefe

    Thanks David. :)

  • http://twitter.com/BrandonSheley Brandon Sheley

    Thanks to everyone who attended, I had a blast and can’t wait for next year!