Answer these Questions

I recently read What do You Want People to See over on the Social Rabbit blog. Good read … and it made me think a bit.

The article discusses setting some goals for your social media sites by answering some questions – questions like this:

  • What are you using social media in your business for?
  • what impression about your business do you want to leave people with?

Not bad questions to answer at all. For example, think about your organization’s Facebook Page (assuming you have one). What are you using that for? Have any idea?

How about the second question – what impression do you want to leave people with who visit your organization’s Facebook Page? Answering this question might change the way you post status updates, or what types of pictures you add to the page, for example.

Pondering those questions made me think about our organization websites. Shouldn’t we answer those types of questions in relation to our websites too? I think so.

Take a peek at a page on your website – any page will do. Then answer these questions:

  • what should your audience be looking at while on this page?
  • where are you pointing your audience? What actions should they take here?
  • What should they do next?

Answering these questions will start you down the path of setting some goals for major sections of your website. Not a bad thing to have at all :-)

Pic by Alexander Henning Drachmann

  • Marlo Welshons

    These are important questions to ask for *any* communications, not just social media or other online channels. I frequently have conversations with people who start by saying “we need a [bookmark/brochure/website/facebook page].” We need to back up and be sure we know who we are trying to reach and what we’re trying to get across, then the “how” for reaching them will be easier to determine. Also, without knowing exactly to whom you need to communicate and what exactly you need them to understand, there’s no way to know if you’ve been successful.

  • Lara Solomon

    Hi David,

    Love that you enjoy my blog, thank you :)