5 Tips to Video: What to Say & How to Look Good Saying It

I made some videos for WebJunction on … how to make videos! This is the second video in the series, on what to say and how to look good saying it. Michael Porter and I host the series.

Make sure to visit WebJunction’s Video Group and add to the conversation and resources there.

This video provides tips on What to Say & How to Look Good Saying It:

  1. What to say #1 – share weekly library news
  2. what to say #2 – introduce people to your library
  3. what to say #3 – talk to your community
  4. looking good #1 – polish up
  5. looking good #2 – don’t worry about it!

So go watch the video for some great entry-level tips on making videos, and make sure to comment, too – either comment on this post, or (even better) go visit the WebJunction page for this video, and start a discussion there!