Videos are a Familiar Format

Are you using video to connect with your customers? If not … Guess what? These days, most of your customers are used to connecting to people, to ideas, and to stories through video.

Don’t believe me? Answer this – have you ever cried while watching a movie? Been moved by a rather dramatic turn in the plot? I’m guessing your answer was “yes.” Some of us are even moved while watching the evening news (when a powerful story is being told).

My point? Most of us these days are used to connecting to stuff and to people through video. Video isn’t a new format at all – video, in one form or another, has been around for over 130 years. It’s just extremely easy to do now.

So dust off that camera, and start using video to share your organization’s story, or the story of what you sell or create as a business (yes, libraries are creating and selling things. Do you know what those things are?).

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