Video Creation at the Library

The video in this post is just me, playing around with a greenscreen for the first time (and playing around with the new Final Cut Pro X – nice app!). So in the video, first you’ll see me with a green background. Then I replace the green color with black, and then I replace it with a silly image.

Yay – I figured out how to use our greenscreen!

Towards the end of the video, I show off the beginnings of my library’s video studio (and I have to say – I really need to work on my video narration skills. I can do it pretty well when I do a little prep work, but not so much when it’s off-the-cuff. Yikes!).

So, our video studio. It’s really just some office space we weren’t using anymore. We cleaned it out (it had turned into storage), painted one wall with a bucket of chroma key greenscreen paint, and set up a couple of computers in the room:

  • Computer #1: A PC that we use for creating screencasts. We use Techsmith’s Camtasia.
  • Computer #2: an Apple iMac with Final Cut Pro, iMovie, GarageBand, etc on it. We use it for video editing, and for creating our HUSH podcast series.

Assuming our Board of Trustees votes our 2012 budget into existence next month, I’ll be able to buy some more video equipment next year! I plan to get a backdrop stand, some backdrops, and a lighting set. Most likely, I’ll also buy some microphones – especially some wireless mics. Take a good listen to the audio in my video – adequate, but not great. I used the internal mic on the video camera, which picked my voice up fine … it also picked up a bunch of room sound. That can be easily fixed with better mics!

That’s what we’re doing, anyway. How are you growing your organization’s video setup?

  • Matt Weaver

    I have Camtasia (and am editing a screencast right now), and that accounts for most of the video work that I do. We have an HD video camera. This Friday, I will be filming our “Battle of the Bands” event. I have Adobe Premiere Elements for editing. The BOTB will test my skills and force me to expand my knowledge of editing. I worry about the sound quality because I don’t think I will have to rely on the on-camera microphone. We’ll see how it all goes.

  • celticlibrarian

    We do everything on a Windows 7 PC with Camtasia for webcasts and Adobe Premiere Elements 8 for our video editing.  I’m not thrilled with that software but for a beginner like me, it’s probably satisfactory.  I do wonder what’s a decent turn around time for instructional or marketing videos for the library, right now it takes almost two months to get one done.

  • shahid

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