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David Lee King

My AHA Moment

Recently, the Mutual of Omaha’s AHA Moment van stopped at my library and took some “AHA Moment” videos of Topekans.

Pretty cool project! They’re on a 25-city tour, capturing people’s “Aha moments” – which they define as “It’s a moment of clarity, a defining moment where you gain real wisdom – wisdom you can use to change your life.”

Anyway – I did one – my Aha moment is embedded in this post. Mine was (in true librarian fashion) the reason I became a librarian. A couple of other people from my library did these, too – check them out!

Why show these? It’s a cool project … and one you can potentially mimic. The Mutual of Omaha is doing a national “aha moment” thing … but why couldn’t you do a localized AHA Moment? Or even better – create some “library aha moments” of patrons saying why they love your library! Show patrons sharing what rocks about your library – reading, books, free wifi even.

Either way, it could be a cool way to get your community talking about your library or organization. nothing wrong with that!

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  • Angie B

    Thanks so much for your Aha moment post.  It gave me a great idea for my high school library.  I was looking for something new and as seniors are thinking about their college essays, this is a timely suggestion!

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/57YYUUMFGZXY6ITLKNL7P4TZH4 Angie

    I’ve been trying to do a “Why do you love theatre?” video blog for KC Stage in the same vein – based on the WDYDWYD blog (http://www.wdydwyd.com/). Haven’t done too many as I don’t have the equipment – but definitely a great idea!