The Creative Group

Creative Group
The Creative Group

In my last blog post, I mentioned my library’s Creative Group. What is that, exactly?

My library decided that Public Relations and the web team did a lot of similar things, and needed to work together. PR routinely creates print ads, newsletters, posters, banners, and PR campaigns. The web team does much the same thing, just online. Why not collaborate up-front, so the message online and in-print is the same?

And hey – while we’re at it … both teams are highly creative. What’s not to like about schmushing two creative teams together into the same physical space, to see what happens?

So we stuck both teams into the same work space. We also started holding regular weekly meetings. So every week, our three PR staff, two web developers, me, our Programs Supervisor, our Digital Content Librarian (new position that’s part of Public Services), the Deputy Director, and sometimes our library director meet. Anyone else in the library is invited, too.

What do we do? We talk about projects. Last week, we talked about our Personalized Reading List service – we’re reworking the form and the page the form lives on. The staffer in charge of that service and the Public Services Manager came for that part of the meeting. We also talked about creating some database widgets (did you know database vendors like Gale and EbscoHost have widgets now? Who knew?), guest posts for book reviews, and a new blog we’re creating.

So what do you think? Is it helpful for PR and the Web team to meet regularly? It’s sure been helpful for us!

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  • Amanda Goodman

    We’re in the same team at my library. :-) 

  • boundlesscareers

    team work is always better

  • TonyChristopher

    Hey David, I think very close collaboration between the web and PR groups makes total sense.  That’s how its done in many companies. The Aha! for me reading this post is that there is a PR group for a library …. I am relatively new to libraries – almost 3 years, but 20+ years in technology marketing and web development. I’m in an academic library … have been lobbying to get some PR / promotional budget to spread the word about so many resources we have that could be more highly utilized.  I see you are with a public (central?) library … that’s a very different operating model I guess. 

  • davidleeking

    Great! I’ve heard from a couple different libraries doing similar things. And I am glad they are, too. It works well for us. I’ve seen it done poorly, too – there needs to be equal footing – a real team approach – for it to work well.

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  • Web design London

     I am glad they are, too. It works well for us. I’ve seen it done poorly, too – there needs to be equal footing.