Embeddable Tweets – What do they do?

Just testing out Twitter’s new “Embed this Tweet” feature. It lets me embed a tweet within my blog post. Here’s my example:


Interesting. It lets you:

  • See my Tweet in a more “twitter-like” format
  • follow me
  • reply, retweet, favorite

It’s sorta like you are on Twitter … outside of Twitter. Even cooler is this: since it’s not a screenshot, viewers/readers can actually click and follow/respond. It’s a simple way to prompt Twitter users to do that next step. Nice!

So – what do you think of Twitter’s new Embed this Tweet feature? Will you find ways to use it?

  • http://intothehobbithole.blogspot.com/ Annie Johnson

    Looks good, where do you find this feature?

  • http://www.davidleeking.com davidleeking

    It is tricky to find. Here’s how:
    – on a tweet, click the posted time (ie., 1 min ago) link
    – then click “Details” so you get the screen with the single tweet
    – the “Embed this Tweet” is below the tweet

  • Jaclyn McKewan

    Neat idea. Unfortunately, all these features only seem to appear if I am viewing the post right on your website, rather than through Google Reader.

  • http://twitter.com/LibrarianLisaN Lisa Newton

    I like it!  I’ve often wanted to do just that.  But I do wish it showed up when viewed via RSS readers like Google Readers.  

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  • http://moonflowerdragon.blogspot.com/ Moonflowerdragon

    I’m not finding it working with Blogger – I remember mention long ago about not being able to use javascript in posts, only in layout widgets; maybe that problem continues.

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