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Ebooks in libraries got you down? Feel like you can’t do anything about it, or that you don’t have a voice? My library wants to help!

We have created a petition website – Visit the website, watch the video (also embedded in this post), and more importantly – fill out the petition today!

What’s going on? Pretty simple:

  • Libraries are having trouble getting ebooks from the largest publishing companies. These publishers are adding restrictions and price increases, or simply not selling ebooks to libraries at all.
  • This means that library customers can get a print copy of a book from a library, but can’t get that same book in an ebook format. And that’s just weird.
  • Goal – we need 10,000 e-signatures from readers.
  • Once we hit that magic number, we plan to mail the completed petitions to each of the big six publishers. Why? We want to communicate directly with publishers through this petition process, with the intent of establishing formal and consistent communication between publishers and readers.

One other thing – you can help!

  • Fill out the petition!
  • Share the petition – on your website, in Facebook, in Twitter, etc.
  • Point to the petition in your buildings – put up signs, mention it in your library’s newsletter, etc.

Why do this? Our ultimate goal is to get books, in all formats, to our readers. This helps authors, publishers, libraries … and most importantly, our readers.

  • Richard Conroy

    Thank you for starting this petition.  I am the president of a consortium of 25 public, academic and school libraries in Connecticut that goes by the acronym LION.  We recently announced a moratorium on purchasing ebook content from Random House due to the exorbitant price increases that they imposed on libraries beginning March 1.  We are urging other libraries and consortia to follow suit.  Speaking of suits, we have also asked the Sate of Connecticut’s Attorney General to investigate the unfair and obstructionist practices that the “big six” have put into place regarding sales of their ebook content to libraries.

  • Lyn Ambrose

    The music industry was revolutionized by Steve Jobs through iTunes.  Nobody could believe he succeeded in getting music publishers to agree to people being able to pick and choose to buy just one song from an entire album.  We need an innovative brain like his to think of the right case to put to the publishers. 

    Libraries should be able to purchase a package containing the printed book with the e-book, for a couple of extra dollars.  This is a win win – publisher makes more money from the sale of the additional e-book and readers get to choose. 

  • Price-ewend

    Excellent, NZeRT (NZ eReading Taskforce) has shared your links!

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