Playing with the ProJive XLR iPhone Cable

I just bought the ProJive XLR mic cable for my iPhone. What’s it do? It’s an XLR to headphone jack cable adapter, and it’s made to plug a normal XLR microphone into an iPhone.

This lets me use my better-quality microphones (well, better than the built-in iPhone mic, anyway) for recording. It works with any audio app (like the voice recorder) or with video apps, too.

So – check out the video above, and listen to the sound. Not bad for an iPhone video, huh? Also listen for the unmistakable cell phone interference – that “beep beep beep” noise that you sometimes hear when a cell phone is close to some speakers. I’ll have to experiment more – if that interference happens a lot, the cable isn’t going to be all that helpful.

But we’ll see. Until then, I can now get quality audio in my iPhone videos effortlessly. Sweet!

  • bkbelton

    Try putting your phone in “airplane mode” to reduce interference, if you haven’t tried that already – works with me , GarageBand and  my  Apogee Jam

  • davidleeking

    Hey – what a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

  • MomsFrugal

    David, I have a Facebook question. Looking back in some of your old posts, I see you’ve dealt with similar issues so maybe you can help me :)

    I created a business account on FB. But, as I suppose is normal, I have no Search. Also, if I post on other FB pages of my friends, it never really shows up. My profile pix isn’t even there when I click to comment; my comment looks ‘ghost’ and they never see it.

    I tried to create a personal account and put it in as an administrator, but if I post on other FB pages, they see that profile, not my business…and that’s not what I want.

    Is there a way to create a personal account connected to the business account where I can post other places? Or do I have a setting wrong somewhere?

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