Starbucks Cards and Libraries – Would it Work?

I sometimes pick up those cool Starbuck’s Free App/Free Song/Free Book cards when I’m at Starbucks buying a coffee. I think those cards are pretty cool, and I think they just might work in a library setting, too.

What if libraries did something like this – created some cards, and pointed to free content, like:

  • Project Gutenberg free ebooks
  • Free music via your Freegal account (or fill in the blank if you have another music database)
  • Free event – have the card be the ticket to the event
  • Free game – point to something on the web, or actually make an app-based game and point to that.

This idea is sort of like those signs I saw at the Denver airport awhile back.

So … thoughts? Do you think it would work in a library? I’d love to know!

And an aside – yes, I know the video is sorta jumpy. Sorry about that! I should have used the Focus Lock feature, and didn’t think about it. Next time!

  • Denise Murray

    I think it’s an idea worth trying out. There’s a couple places you can get free business cards from that could be used to test the waters.

    I’ve been wanting to leave out little trinkets to advertise a monthly crafting meet we host at my library but I’ve had trouble finding the time to make the trinkets and then I get worried that they’ll all be taken in minutes. But I think having things out for people to look at and take is good. Especially in spots where they’re going to be standing still. People at public service desks will grab and fiddle with anything and that’s an opportunity for us to grab their attention.

  • Liz Gotauco

    We have the Freegal connection, as well as cards to inform our users. It’s a major draw for my teens when I’m promoting library card sign-up!

  • NCFM

    nice sharing…..i would like to see this video ..i think it will give some knowledge.

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