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David Lee King

What do you Want from your Facebook Page?

looking closer at Facebook PagesThinking a bit more about my last post on using Facebook ads to actively seek out new fans … Why try to get more fans in the first place?

Another way to ask that – What exactly do you want from a Facebook Page?

Here’s a list of 5 things libraries might want out of a Facebook Page. These five things are a happy convergence of stuff Facebook is good at, and stuff that libraries (and other organizations) might find useful, too. See what you think, and add to my list!

Five things a Facebook Page is good for:

  1. Visibility – the more we interact, the more we are “seen” in Facebook. Which means that more people see our posts about library stuff.
  2. Listening – we share, but we also listen to our customers. They say stuff about us on Facebook! Some good stuff, some bad stuff. It’s a place to answer questions, to field complaints, and to actively ask for input. For free.
  3. Advocacy – this one’s huge, and should be a constant. Share good stuff about the library, and point out when we see customers saying good stuff about us.
  4. Purposeful Engagement – why gather a crowd if you don’t ask them to do anything? We should be including Calls to Action in our Facebook Posts, on specific things we want our customers to actually do. That might mean Liking the page, or it might mean attending a movie at the library. We need to start asking … and then measuring results.
  5. Conversions – Doing that Purposeful Engagement thing in #4 can lead to “conversions.” What’s a conversion? Simply stated, a conversion in social media is when your ask turns into their action. For example, if you ask Facebook Page visitors to register for an event at the library (and supply a link to the registration form), and 20 people actually click the link and fill out the form, that equals 20 conversions. Conversions can be measured and improved upon. But the important point here – you WANT conversions. You want to drive your Facebook Page visitors and fans to actually DO something – to interact with and engage your library. Conversions provides a way to measure that interaction.

Those are my five things … What are yours?

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  • Suraksha

    Hello David,

    I have been gone through your blog and really find it much useful for a person like me who is trying to grow in the social media marketing market.

    I have gone through one of your blog having Facebook and Youtube users demographic statistics. I know how to get the users statistics for Facebook. But for Youtube I am not able to find the process by which I can get the figures of the Youtube users demographics statistics country-wise and also city-wise,

    My contact email id is mtlbigger@gmail.com

    Will be waiting for your response soon. Many Thanks!

  • http://www.davidleeking.com davidleeking

    Hi! Good question. In Youtube, you can only get country demographics – not city. To get country demographics, go to video manager on your channel, then click analytics. On the analytics page, choose demographics. That page will provide the country demographic info.

    Good luck!

  • Suraksha

    David, Thanks for you reply.

    Actually I know how I can get the demographic statistics for the videos I have uploaded on Youtube. But I am looking for the statistics of the Youtube users on whole who are using Youtube to watch the videos and all. It would be great if you can help me out in this.

  • Suraksha

    David, It would be great help if you can tell me that.