Google Reader is Going Away – We Will Survive!

Google just announced the demise of Google Reader – a tool I use to read RSS feeds with, and am in pretty much every single day. That’s probably how many of you guys read my blog, too – darn that Google!

But never fear – Stephen Abram is here to help! He has gathered some relevant stories, blog posts, and alternatives together, so you and I don’t have to – go read his post. Looks like I’ll be checking out Feedly, NewsBlur, and The Old Reader for sure.

Here are some other ideas for subscribing to my blog and others:

  • Get a new feed reader (see above).
  • Subscribe with email – great if you don’t subscribe to too many blogs and news sites.
  • Subscribe with Twitter or Facebook. Many blogs and news sites (mine included) post a link to Twitter when a new article is posted. Sort those into a “geek library” list, then go visit it once a day or once a week. Problem solved!

Other options? Let me know in the comments. And – thank you for reading! You’re awesome!

Pic found at Silicon Valley Business Journal

  • Ahniwa Ferrari

    I switched over to Feedly yesterday. So far I like it just fine and think it will be my go-to replacement. Something that is often overlooked but worth mentioning for those who read feeds at work: I have in the past used Outlook for reading certain feeds, and it works just fine, too. Having feeds right there where I also receive emails helped keep all my communication / info stream in one place. For me, in the end, Outlook was a little too clunky for the sheer amount of feeds that I subscribe to, but it could be a great solution for some.

  • davidleeking

    Have to agree – I’m enjoying Feedly too. Apparently Digg is planning to build a feed reader also – I’ll be interested to see what they come up with!