EveryoneOn – a Digital Literacy Campaign

Have you heard about the EveryoneOn campaign? I saw some early info about it, then didn’t hear anything else. But I met some people working on the project while at SXSW, and it actually does sound like a great idea (assuming they can get buy-in from local libraries)!

So – here’s some info they sent me to explain what’s going on:

The goal of the campaign is to help get every American online so they can enrich their lives through access to more job opportunities, education, government resources and saving time and money.

The messaging for EveryoneOn includes the promotion of libraries as a vital tech hub in the community. The campaign sentiment is “we love the Internet” AND “we love libraries.” Especially on the social media communities, we’re sharing a lot of data about the role of libraries in digital literacy and also promoting the types of innovative services they provide. The training center locator (searched by zip code) includes many libraries, so this is helping to connect libraries to their communities.

Libraries can get involved by:

All of the info on how to get involved is aggregated in an online toolkit for libraries and partners, and a new site with digital literacy resources can be found here.

One BIG thought I had was this – how does this benefit libraries? In talking with the two people I met, they thought that libraries were already working hard to bridge the digital divide, but not everyone knows about it. So this  national Ad Council campaign has the potential to give the issue … and libraries a lot of much-needed visibility.

Sounds cool to me – definitely worth finding out more! Here’s a video connected with the project:

  • http://www.facebook.com/bobbi.librarianbyday Bobbi L. Newman

    You might also be interested in this initiative from the Public Library Association http://digitallearn.org/ In many communities the public library is the only free access to computers, broadband access, and the classroom and one-on-one training most people need to learn how to use the technology necessary to access the Internet.

  • Karen

    As the boomers struggle to financially handle retirement costs, the demand for Internet services at the local library will skyrocket as folks have to choose to eliminate that bill. It is lovely to see you give public libraries this support.