Seven Strategies for Growing Community on your Blog

I recently saw this post at about strategies for growing community on your blog, and thought the suggestions were great. Here are the 7 strategies mentioned:

  1. Write in a conversational voice. I usually call this “talk like you type.”
  2. Invite interaction. That means you need to ask people what they think!
  3. Consider a dedicated community area. This can be accomplished by creating a forum or a Facebook Group, for example.
  4. Use interactive and accessible mediums. Blogs that allow comments, Google Plus hangouts, etc.
  5. Run projects and challenges. These are basically tricky ways to jumpstart conversations and interaction. Examples include a 31 Days to a better …” set of posts, or a Photo a Day meme.
  6. Real life events. talk about what’s actually happening in your community. Relate it back to your library.
  7. Put your readers in the spotlight. Use guest posts, link to them on social media discussions, comment on their blogs, etc.

I’m curious – anyone do any of these? Which ones are the most useful in your library or blog?

Pic by Chiot’s Run

  • Lori Reed

    Funny you should mention Darren and ProBlogger. I’m getting back into blogging after many failed returns. This time I’m using ProBloggers 30 Days to a Better Blog series – which as you mention is a great way to draw readers.

    I must admit I have list fatigue though I know it attracts clicks, I cringe when I write the posts. Yesterday I updated my About page and today I began reconnecting with my colleagues on their blogs. My goal is to post five meaningful comments every day.

    I’ve received the advice many times, even from you David, that you must write about your passions. When your passions and professional brand do not mix, you need a separate blog. This was the case for me for the past year. I’d grown tired of writing about libraries. I have two other blogs for fun not connected to me by name. Now I’m back with more of a focus on education than libraries. We’ll see.

    Lastly I would add don’t be afraid to start over and reinvent yourself and your blog.

  • davidleeking

    Lori – welcome back :-) You’re right, you can jump back into blogging any time, and reinvention is a good thing, most definitely.

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