Just a Test

Photo on 5-23-13 at 12.46 PM

No real content here – just a test! Apparently, the email version of my feed has been acting up. So, I’m testing it out, making sure everything is working!

Can you do me a favor? If you read my blog via email, can a couple of you visit this blog post and leave a comment, letting me know everything’s working ok? I’d appreciate it!

I also appreciate all you readers! You guys are truly awesome. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!

  • PeggyK

    Working fine here!

  • LouisaV

    Worked for me too!

  • Lindsey Eick

    Working fine for me, too, via the e-mail version.

  • Nancee

    Both the email and blog version seem to be working fine. For real, you just wanted to see how many of us you could get to comment, right??

  • Donna

    Working fine for me!

  • Susan Hansen

    Working fine via email. It always makes my day to see your posts in my inbox.

  • Kathy Vossler

    It’s all good!

  • Kathy Vossler

    It’s all good!

  • Kelley Tackett

    email working fine

  • Kelley Tackett

    email working fine

  • http://www.davidleeking.com davidleeking

    Ha! Yeah, that’s it :-)

    Really though, someone told me that their Outlook email was throwing error messages, then I saw an error message too … I think because I had attempted to add a Google Plus share button to the blog.

    Should be fixed now, and from the looks of it, y’all are getting these posts just fine. Yippie!

  • Mark G.

    Your blog via e-mail is working fine to my MS-Outlook.

  • Olga Spirt

    e-mail working fine :)

  • Melanie Peters-Turner

    Received. Worth noting that I got a glut through yesterday evening (about 6 I think)…

  • Mary Engels

    It seems to be working now but I can see that I’ve missed a couple of posts so looks like there was a problem but it’s been resolved.

  • Nataliya Popova

    Worked fine for me too!

  • CatherineBuckMorgan

    Seems to be working fine, David!

  • AmyR

    all is well! Keep up the good work!