iPads for the Tweens

We have an iPad pilot project going on at our library right now. If it goes well, we might expand the project – more iPads, more areas, etc.

But for now, here’s what we’re doing:

  • We have two iPads out in our kid’s area – specifically in our Tweens area (kids ages 9-12)
  • Somewhere, we found some huge, spongy iPad cases
  • Each iPad has some games, art apps, and other age-appropriate apps
  • They are chained to a table so they don’t walk off

And they seem to be pretty popular!

[GARD align=”right”] The project is going well so far. We started off with some pretty normal black sleeve/cases – those didn’t last long, hence the huge, thick, spongy cases. There’s no power connected to them, so we have to recharge them every day. And I think we’ve had some problems keeping customers out of settings, etc. Sure, you can set up a password for some things – but that won’t keep people out of all the settings on an iPad.

Otherwise – it’s going well, and we’ll assess it and either grow the project or kill it, depending on feedback.

What’s your library doing with iPads or tablets? I’m curious!

  • Katy D

    Our public library just purchased 20 iPads for in-house use. Our local schools are using myOn for online guided reading, and now kids can come into the library and borrow an iPad, log into their account and read away. We JUST started this initiative today, and have had one kid use the iPad. We let them borrow the iPad for the day, but they can only use it in-house, specifically in the Youth Services department. In the fall, the plan is to expand their use into programs for kids & adults (i want to do a ‘Favorite Apps Forum’!).

    We don’t have a lot of apps on them yet. We’ve been wrestling with the PowerSync cart we got to charge/store/sync them. It’s been an ongoing learning experience. Just discovered Apple Configurator today, and am trying it out – we’re trying to find the best way to get apps we want loaded on all the iPads at once. The PowerSync cart has minimal instructions beyond ‘plug them in’. But I’ve found some Youtube tutorials from teachers that have been helpful. I’ll find out tomorrow if my master backup was, indeed, backed up to the other 19 iPads… fingers crossed!

  • Susan H.

    Aren’t they great? Here in Highland Park, Illinois, we have had iPads out for preschoolers through tweens in our department for about two years now. We have found that table mounted cases which rotate and allow a power cord to remain plugged in works best for us because the iPads are so popular we were having to swap them out for fully charged ones around 2 p.m. every day.

  • Glen Horton

    What are people using to lock down things down and prevent kids from messing with the iPad’s settings, etc.? We are testing iPads in our children’s area mounted to tables. We’re currently using the Guided Access feature to lock them into a single app/game.

  • Stephanie B.

    Susan who is your supplier for the table mounted cases? Thanks

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