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David Lee King

Using Visual Tools as Reminder Helpers

Do you use your smartphone’s camera as a reminder helper? I sure do! Check this video out – in it, I offer two simple tips (one involving my iPhone camera) to remember where you parked your car at the airport.

I also use my iPhone camera to help me remember things like this:

  • Books I want to read. I take photos of books I want to read (yes, I take photos of book covers at Barnes & Noble, then check them out at the library).
  • Errands at a store. If I need to buy something that I have at home, like a certain cleaner, I will take a photo of the bottle, then use that to find the right one at the store.
  • Storing a reminder image for later. I actually have a photo of my vacuum cleaner bag package stored in Evernote. This way, when I’m out and about and remember “oh yeah, I need to buy vacuum cleaner bags,” I’ll be able to get the right one.

How about you? Do you use your camera to help you remember stuff? Let me know!

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  • Mary Ann

    I take pictures of whatever tech device I am disconnecting so I know how to re-connect without pulling out my hair.

  • http://bookgrrl.wordpress.com/ Steph McGlinchey | bookgrrl

    I do the same thing in bookstores! I took a photo yesterday of the whiteboard I was using of a website I was creating :)

  • annalaurabrown

    This is such a great idea. I haven’t done it but I will start.

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