Using Business Cards to Promote econtent

My library has a bunch of econtent – services like Freegal, OneClick Digital, Hoopla, OverDrive, Zinio, Treehouse, and Mango Languages.

Each of these tools point to real content – movies, music, books, magazines, and classes – but they live on the digital branch.

Our marketing department created a fun way to promote these econtent services by using business cards.

Each card has a word and an image on the front, and a brief description and a URL to the service on the back of the card.

We are using these cards to promote a bunch of services:

  • Music – promotes Freegal
  • Audiobooks – promotes OneClick Digital
  • Video – promotes Hoopla
  • Ebooks – promotes Overdrive
  • Language – promotes Mango
  • Magazines – promotes Zinio
  • Design & Program – promotes Treehouse

The idea? Place these cards around the building, hand them out at events, etc. Basically – give them to customers, so customers know about all this cool content we have. It’s one way of getting content that lives on the digital branch “out of the building.”

You can see the other cards we created over on my Flickr account.

Update: And here’s the back of the Music card, as an example of the info we provide.

  • Kdk

    Love the cards! Can you show the copy/text side too ?

  • Miami Printing

    They look really good, clean and simple! Great Business Card Design

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  • Corey Savage

    There is still a place in the marketing mix for traditional marketing methods, like using business cards. This is a great way to gain exposure in a whole new channel.

  • CCD

    These are great. I’d like to second the person who asked for the copy information. I’m curious what kind of information and how much was included.

  • davidleeking

    Just updated the post – there’s a link to the back of one of the cards now. Thanks for asking!

  • davidleeking

    Yes! Just updated the post – there’s a link to the back of one of the cards now. Thanks for asking!

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