Website Redesign going live and going Responsive

Well, I didn’t really post much about my library’s website redesign. But next week, we go live with it!

You can check it out now at our beta, pre-launch URL –

Here’s our go-live process:

  • Work on the site like crazy (we still have a big list of stuff to do!)
  • Today, we posted a head’s up to our customers, and asked them for feedback, too
  • We go live on January 29
  • Then, we’ll continue to tweak things as we notice them for 2-4 weeks.
  • Sometime after the big launch, we plan to have Influx take a peek, to catch stuff we missed.
  • Finally, we plan to do some usability testing to catch even MORE stuff we missed.

So, what’s new and different about our redesigned site? Quite a bit:

  • We went responsive, so one set of code works on all browsers and devices.
  • We have consolidated some of our blogs
  • Really worked hard on our links, our navigation, and directing people to the right content
  • Modern design, modern web fonts, white space, etc
  • On the back-end, we focused on letting WordPress do most of the work, instead of custom-coding. This will make things like sidebar widgets and pages MUCH easier for us to update

And probably much more that I’m missing. So go check it out!

  • Stephanie

    Really like this. Did you do a card sort? How did you get user feedback on the navigability?

  • davidleeking

    Thanks! No, no card sort. We have used similar wording/functionality on the navigation for years. It seemed to be working, so we didn’t really change much there. We DO plan to do some usability testing late spring/early summer, just to double-check.

  • cefran

    Your website looks great! I’m currently working to migrate our city’s website to WordPress. Were you on WordPress before? If not, what do you like about using now that you’re a few months in? I’d love to hear how your usability testing goes.

    After having played around with it a bit; I like the “check it out”, “download it”, and “research it” tabs at the top. I must admit though that I missed them on my first pass through and only noticed them when I went to the about page. I had a moment where I was wondering how I could access downloadable content and the catalog. Also, is the search function at the top with the catalog button next to it meant to allow you to search the catalog or the website?

    Just a few things I noticed!

    I love your blog by the way!