Your Website is Already Mobile

Your website is already mobile. It just might not be delivering the best experience.

Jeff Wisniewski, in his presentation on responsive design at Internet Librarian 2013, said this – “All of your content is now mobile, so be kind.”

What did Jeff mean? Probably this – If your organization has a website, it’s already “mobile” … because people with smartphones can get to it using their smartphone web browsers.

It’s a done deal.

Well – sorta done. Your website might be available to mobile users, but is it usable? Does it adapt or respond to different screen sizes? Is the content written to be quickly scannable on a mobile device, or is it a huge river of text?

Here’s a question for you: What kind of experience are you providing your mobile customers? Is it good or bad? Have you ever thought about the mobile web user experience? If your organization is providing a less-than-stellar” mobile web experience, what are you planning to do to improve it?

I’d love to know!

Pic by Robert Scoble

  • Karen Bisschop

    We’re getting a bit tired of waiting for our municipality’s IT dept to create mobile versions of all departmental websites. We are thinking of using boopsie? Anyone have an experience to share?

  • davidleeking

    We used to use Boopsie, until we went with a responsive web design for our website. Our experience: fine, useful product. Frequently slow response times for support. And they usually forgot to send us monthly stats.

    And once we decided to stop using them, we’ve had an ongoing problem with customers still trying to use their Boopsie app. It doesn’t really work anymore, and there’s no way for us to tell those customers to switch – they’d have to see the announcement on our website or in social media (some have missed it!).

  • Karen Bisschop

    Thanks for the info. Boopsie has been marketing a bit more of late, so perhaps they’ve done some more product development too? I do think it still may be worth it in the interim. Looks like our IT dept is still a year out with any mobile web launch.

  • davidleeking

    Either way, using Boopsie is a great place to start. We originally went with them because we were on Horizon, and couldn’t get a mobile version of the catalog. Boopsie worked really well for that – problem solved.

    We have since migrated to Polaris, and they have a nice mobile catalog.

    Gotta start somewhere, right?

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