Be Friendly to Your Mac Users

Mac VGA adaptersI use a Macbook Pro at home and when I travel to speaking engagements. Once in awhile, when the library’s IT person discovers I use a Mac, he/she says “make sure you bring your vga adapter.” And I always do.

Recently when that happened, it made me think – sometimes libraries aren’t all that friendly to Mac users. Do you:

  • Allow Macs to plug into your LCD projectors in your meeting rooms? Or any “non-library-approved” computer, for that matter (some libraries don’t).
  • Provide help to Mac users when they plug into LCD projectors and something doesn’t work? (my library used to have a disclaimer for that).
  • Provide a handful of $30 VGA to Mac adapters in case the speaker forgets to bring one? My library does now.
  • How about public wifi – do you have general connection instructions that work for a variety of devices (i.e., Mac, PC, tablets, mobile devices, etc), or just for PC users?

And if not … why? Make sure your library is device agnostic and device friendly, at least for the public.

Image by raneko

  • Nathan Carr

    We do not currently have a selection of apple dongles.

    In the way of being “device agnostic” we also do not have a selection of various device charging cables either.

    If given the choice I believe we would have a stronger case to need a selection of device charging cables.

    At this point the percentage of people spending that extra chunk of money for apple devices is very low.
    Another problem with having apple out here is that there is also no official apple store anywhere close.

    In my part of the state there are local computer repair shops and sprint cell phone shops that will replace apple iscreens but nothing that is “Apple” sanctioned.
    Those who do buy apple recognize they are in the minority and bring their own dongles or I end up sending their files to other operating systems and using other hardware.

  • davidleeking

    Thanks for the comment! A couple things to keep in mind:

    “very low” – not so low. Current figures show Mac owners/users at 25%, and Apple sells the most laptops of any company. Add in iPads, which people also use for presentations these days, and that figure grows.

    “official Apple Store” – – it’s everywhere :-)

    “bring their own dongles” – some do, some don’t. It really depends on the person and their familiarity with doing presentations. For example, I certainly bring my own adapters – I do a lot of speaking, so I’m used to it.

    But someone who might use my library’s meeting room for an annual community group meeting might very well forget. In that case, $30 for an adapter is a cheap way to make that library customer’s experience a great one.

  • Nathan Carr

    Do you happen to have a link to that statistic about the 25% market share? I would wager that if they did a study of rural vs. metro they would get a different story.
    I can understand and appreciate how it could be handy to have the budget to spend on nifty apple dongles but I believe the possible value would not match actual use in my small town library.

  • davidleeking
  • Nathan Carr

    Wow, ( shows a fairly massive shift toward IPad back in the 2010-2011 era yeah I remember it being huge back then.

  • Nathan Carr

    In ( I agree when they say “Perhaps it’s all owed back to the iPhone and iPad. Having all three devices — the tablet, the phone, and the notebook — working in perfect harmony makes life a whole lot easier. And that’s Apple’s plan in the grand scheme of things.” that is a huge boon in their favor. it is also impressive that they say that “iPad accounts for 91 percent of all web traffic” I just do not see that reflected in the users of my library at all, perhaps even the opposite.

  • Nathan Carr

    The people who invested in ipads back then probably still use apple today in various formats and the batteries are probably still great.

  • Nathan Carr

    $30 per adapter times how many adapters would be needed to accommodate all the different ones that may possibly be needed. Actually, that leads me to a good question, what adapters would you recommend?

  • davidleeking

    That’s 91% of web traffic for tablets. We use Google Analytics and I can’t separate out tablets from smartphones. But it does show that for our mobile website traffic, over 60% comes from iOS devices.

  • davidleeking

    Probably a couple of VGA adapters – the Mini DisplayPort, 30-pin and Lightning adapters.

  • Nathan Carr

    That is nice to know. Thank you.

  • Nathan Carr