Installing our New Checkout System – a Time-lapse video

Here’s a fun video of my library doing RFID tagging, installing Bibliotheca self-check machines (we’re calling them Checkout Kiosks), hiding the old circulation desk behind a wall, etc.

Created with a Go Pro camera in time-lapse mode.

Fun stuff!

  • John Klima

    Did you do the tagging while you were open or were you closed? How many items did you tag (if you want to answer here)?

  • davidleeking

    We closed for 5 days, and tagged over 250,000 items during that time. We tagged our bookmobile collection earlier, and now we’re playing catch-up to all the un-tagged stuff coming back in. We have approx 450,000 items total. Fun times!

  • John Klima

    Thanks! That’s good to know!