My Slides for Los Angeles Public Library

Last week, I visited the Los Angeles Public Library‘s central library, and spoke as part of their Innovation Leadership Program. So I re-worked my Improving the Customer Experience presentation and re-did all the slides.
Check it out!
  • SafeLibraries

    David, if you can help those librarians any, know the library is absolutely loaded with porn viewing and the resultant criminal activity. The librarians are completely frozen into inaction, as are the police. If you can assist them any, please do:

    Library Patron Laments Free Speech Freeze on People Afraid to Oppose Library Crime; Masturbating Men Leave Ejaculate at the Los Angeles Public Library

    David, please take the substance of the matter seriously. Those librarians seriously need help. Please don’t ignore them because of any feelings or lack thereof for the messenger.

  • davidleeking

    Thanks for the comment!