Analytics for Social Media – Referral Metrics

In this series of articles, I’ve been talking about what types of social media analytics my library tracks. We’ve already discussed Activity Metrics, Audience Metrics and Engagement Metrics. Today we’ll cover Referral Metrics.

Time for referral metrics. What’s that? A referral is simply getting someone from one thing to another (i.e., you’ve “referred them”). For example, from Facebook to your website. Thankfully, Google Analytics now counts referrals.

To get there, open up Google Analytics. Go to Acquisition, then click Social, then Network Referrals.

There, you’ll find a handy-dandy report of website visitors that started off in a social media page, and ended up on your website. I count the Sessions number for each of the four social media channels that I’m tracking, and then add those together. For May, we had 865 referrals to our website from social media.

This is a pretty useful number, because it shows interest. Someone was interested enough in something you mentioned on one of your social media channels to actually click through to your website. Nice!

Pic by Stuart Pilbrow

  • Denise

    Not really a discussion. My mom, born in Horton, Kansas, enjoyed your YouTube piece. Though, of course, did not find your comment of, “how funny main street is”, very funny. Her memories from her early childhood (late 20’s until the early 30’s), hold precious glimpses of a gentler time and a very strong since of community. Of course, this isn’t captured on a go pro, but, instead of waisting your time while waiting on your daughter, why don’t you shuffle around and see if you can interview some old folks and gain insight into this special, somewhat forgotten small town? Though please, don’t post it as “a waist of time” or “funny”. Some thirty (or forty) something may poke fun at what you hold dear if you should happen to make 90 years!

  • davidleeking

    Not really on-topic, but tell your mom thanks for watching my video! It’s just my uninformed opinion. It’s been interesting seeing the comments I get from that video – some resemble this one, while others are just the opposite (mostly from younger people who live there). Fun stuff!