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Youtube and Finding Video Tagged IL2006

Anyone else tried hunting for videos from Internet Librarian 2006 in Youtube? It can be done… but it’s not easy!

Here’s the easy way: just click one of the links below (send me your youtube URL if I have left you out!):

Or do a search in Youtube. I did – I entered the tag il2006 in the Youtube search box, pressed enter… and found MUCH MORE than just il2006 tags. Other things I found?

Apparently, when you do a search for a tag in Youtube, it looks in the tag fields… but also looks for a partial match in other fields, too – hence finding many instances of “il” in the From field. It also found “il” in the title field a few times… I wonder if it’s because of the number in the il2006 tag?


IL2006 Day 3: Closing Keynote: All the World’s a game… and all the men and women merely players

Elizabeth Lane Lawley

Aside from Jane Dysart: 1493 people came to IL2006 this year…

many2many – group blog on social software… check it out sometime

terra nova – blog on virtual worlds … hmm… check it out too

She thinks games are as important as she used to think blogging was important

Lane is into World of Warcraft

What is a game?

  • a form of play with goals and structure…
  • etc (two more vague definitions)
  • The consistent stuff – structure, goals, maybe prizes

So – Learning 2.0 – it’s a game – structure, goals, and prizes! – cool experience type things on this page…

Check out the enthusiastic/active/casual description… it’d be good to use as a different type of experience – one for customers. More than customer focused… hmm… more thinking is needed.

macarthur foundation – – huge opportunity to go for grants on gaming/informal learning through them…

She sees Second Life as the AOL of 10 years ago.

IL2006 Day 3: Steven M. Cohen – What’s New in Social Softwr

A to Z…

B: Beta, Browster –
E: – web 2.0 directory
H: hype…
I: image editors:,, (doesw PDFs too)
J: Jenny Levine
K: ???
P:, (meta search for video)
Q: ???
S: Stephens, Michsel…, snapper (screenshot extension),
T: trackback?,
U: – pounded by people whne google bought!!!
V: ???
W: Wikis
X: audience said

IL2006 Day 3: A Wiki as a Research Guide

Chad Boeninger:

Had a bunch of research guides:

  • redundancy of resources
  • no interlinking
  • multiple edits of the same content

why wiki?

  • easy to add content
  • more room for content and nuggets
  • organize by categories
  • searchable
  • huge potential for building community
  • They used wikimedia

They use wikis for instruction, for making guides for class. They’re easy to update

IL2006 Day 3: Don’t Call it a Wiki

Marianne Kruppa:

They decided to create a subject guide because of KCPL’s subject guides

Decided to use a wiki to do it

SJCPL’s subject guides have articles created by librarians

how did we do it:

  • sandbox server so staff can play with new tools
  • tested a couple of wiki products
  • picked mediawiki because of the familiar interface
  • technophobes knew what to expect
  • easy install included
  • find your cheerleaders
  • don’t call it a wiki (for the technophobes out there)
  • jump in and see what happens

They made wikis part of new staff training – coolness.