Kansas City Public Library’s New Branch

Yet Another Corner ViewGrand OpeningKansas City Public Library will re-open our Plaza Branch library this weekend! We’re pretty excited. The story in a nutshell? We knocked down the old building, and built the new building on the same spot. We get the basement and the ground floor, and various corporations lease the upper floors.

PCs at the LibraryTechnology? We got it! About 50 PCs, all wireless, for the public. And anyone can walk in to the library with his/her laptop or handheld and sync up to our wireless network. How cool is that?

Go to my flickr page to see all the pictures (plus some of the Central Library’s cool parking garage, too). Hope you enjoy the pics!

Unique way to use flickr – as an online tutorial!

Checkout this flickr collection: Upload Video. It’s a tutorial on uploading video to the Internet Archive, etc… but the cool thing is this: the tutorial is saved on flickr!

It looks like someone turned powerpoint slides/other graphic files into jpgs, and posted them in order in his flickr account – saved as a colleciton. From there, you can view the collection as a slideshow.

Try it out – what a great and unique way to use flickr!