Libraries aren’t the Only Ones Dealing with Web 2.0

We’ve beenseeing a few “web 2.0-ish” library jobs crop up lately – look at this job someone just accepted at NPR:

“…serving as senior product manager for online communities. In this role, I’ll essentially act as NPR’s Web 2.0 strategist, helping them develop new initiatives that encourage greater public involvement in NPR’s online activities. These activities could take a variety of forms: online social networks, wikis, blogs, mobcasting, citizen journalism, original content sharing. The NPR digital media team is very excited about the possibilities, and I’m honored that they’ve turned to me to work with them on this endeavor…”

What a fun-sounding job! While not all libraries need a position like that, I’m thinking you DO need someone (ie., person or committee) thinking and strategizing about Web 2.0…


More Cool-Sounding Librarian 2.0 Jobs

Anyone see the job ads from the Orange County Library System? Take a peek at these (found on Library Journal’s jobline):

Digital Access Architect: “in this cutting edge position you’ll: identify, investigate, and use emerging technology to enable easy access to information and to provide customer information assistance to public library users; anticipate changing community needs and interests and participate in the creation and provision of information in digital media formats; monitor and assess the impact of trends and propose and participate in internal research initiatives and information development projects, and much more.”


21st Century Librarian: “Can you picture yourself inspiring others through the programs and classes you plan, create, and present? Would the thought of using a new software product and brainstorming and recommending ways it could be used thrill you? This position emphasizes marketing, outreach, and planning programs and classes. Are you ready to make a difference in the community?”

Wow. There’s even an article on the Digital Access Architect here. I don’t have much information on the second job (OCLS’s website doesn’t even have it on their job listing page yet). But, to take a gues… it sounds like a trainer/presenter, who develops programming around new technologies…

So – add these two jobs to this and this, and you have some way cool librarian 2.0 jobs popping up all over the place. I can’t wait to see more!

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Interesting Job Ad

Has anyone seen this job ad? The job title is NextGen Librarian – wow. It could also be titled the “Library 2.0 Librarian,” I think. Look at some of the duties involved: 

  • provide leadership and vision for “transformative technologies” in the provision of library resources and services
  • Creates communication venues and distributes content via digital tools such as blogs and wikis for the library system website
  • Develops and delivers library instruction through podcasts and multimedia webcasts
  • promotes community via new technologies within the library and virtually via IM and other emerging communication mechanisms
  • enhances the WSU Library System web presence with current content and methods for distribution such as RSS
  • investigates and implements new technologies that may enhance the Library System’s web presence
  • provides training and support for other librarians on new technologies (this is gonna be a big one, I think)

And some of the qualifications:

  • working knowledge of blogs, wikis, online gaming environments, podcasting, RSS and other Web-related technologies

Just… wow. What a completely interesting job! I think hiring one person to tackle Library 2.0 is certainly one way to do it. Hopefully, the library ALSO plans to work on their mission, their strategy and goals – otherwise, one person won’t make much of a dent.

Either way – should be a fun time for the person who gets the job.

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Job openings at Kansas City Public Library

Anyone want to work in my department? We have three job searches going on at the moment:

1. Web Developer – working on our hip website
2. Consortium Librarian – Helping to grow and market our library technology consortium
3. KCResearch Librarian – grant-funded 2-year position, helping to build a content repository focused on Kansas City – based research

We actually have other jobs open right now, too – check em out!