The Librarian in Black has a New Blog!

Anyone read Sarah Houghton-Jan’s blog, the Librarian in Black? I know I do – Sarah always has some great stuff to share. Well, she has an important announcement – she has a shiny new blog & URL!

From Sarah:

“Librarian in Black has been updated, and moved. Please update your links, bookmarks, and RSS feeds.”

So go ahead, click the links, update your RSS feed readers, subscribe via email, whatever you usually do … I’m waiting…

Day in the Life of David, Take Two

Remember that I told y’all about Bobbi Newman’s Day in the Life project? Well – here’s my contribution to that. Only doing one day, but boy – it was a doozy of a day!

So – My Day in the Life, in roughly chronological order:

  • Met with Cafe staff to get firm pricing for breakfast/lunch for Podcamp Topeka
  • Posted a reminder about Podcamp Topeka on Twitter
  • Met with Communications Manager about a couple of “interesting” comments to a blog post on our library website
  • Took down (closed, not deleted) a couple of comments
  • Helped hunt down why some comments weren’t appearing on our website (fixed) and figured out a better way for me to get copied on comments (Feedburner RSS feed was too slow – now subscribed to the direct comment feed, which is much faster for some reason)
  • Posted email to all staff in relation to comments and library policies (written with Communications Manager)…
  • … then answered emails about THAT email
  • Updated by Digital Services staff on our recent battles with the conflicker worm (we won) and our DVD Dispenser (electrical problem)
  • Participated in a BCR Public Libraries Advisory Group conference call
  • Had another conference call/meeting about comments on our website
  • Proofread a galley proof of my upcoming LTR
  • One more (late) meeting about the comment (no, it’s really NOT that bad – we just needed to figure out some procedural things, like what to say, who gets to say it, etc stuff)

Now I’m going home!

Problems with my RSS feed

Hi! Someone reported that my RSS feed wasn’t sending out info had an error on it … and they were correct! The upshot of that is that some of you might not have been receiving posts from me. If that happened to you – sorry!

As of now, my main RSS feed is fixed, and I still have to figure out what’s going on with my comments RSS feed. Looks like I have to find the wordpress file for the feed and remove a couple of blank lines at the beginning of the file. And that probably won’t happen until AFTER ALA2009!

Whadda ya know – it’s working again. Yay! So as of now, both the main feed and the comments feed are up-and-running as usual.

Thanks for reading!