Yahoo! Mail RSS Reader

This is extremely cool – RSS is now integrated into Yahoo! Mail and Alerts (from TechCrunch).

Think about that for a sec – how many of your users have a Yahoo! email account? And how many of them use web-based email services? And how many of those users might now be willing to learn about the whole RSS/Blog thing… since they already have a reader, and it most likely will make more sense to them (at least those using Yahoo! mail)?

Better yet – how many libraries teach classes on opening an email account with hotmail, yahoo mail, etc? It’s a short leap to focusing primarily on Yahoo! Mail, adding a small section on the RSS component, and “helping” class attendees subscribe to their first RSS feed (namely, your library’s feed). Suddenly, those users are learning about RSS from the library, experiencing what RSS does… while at the same time seeing all your cool programs, news, events, materials, etc (depending on what you stuff into the feed).

What do you think?

More “Things you can do with RSS”

Glenn at Hennepin County Library commented on my post about RSS:

“Timely post! We just added a customizable library events feed this week at You can subscribe to events at your local library, events by age group, events by type (book sales, storytime, multicultural) or any combination.”

Hennepin County Library’s website is COOL. They do a great job of presenting info for their customers – this is just another way they’re excelling! Check out their Event feeds.

15 things you can do with RSS

Update: changing the link to Tim Yang’s wiki about “things you can do with RSS.” There’s now 39 things you can do with RSS, and I’ll bet that list continues to grow. Check it out!

Found this on Tim Yang’s Geek Blog: 15 things you can do with RSS (it was supposed to be 10, but I got carried away).

His list of 15 things includes some fun stuff like ebay notifications, weather reports, ego feeds, and software update notifications.

What’s missing in this list would be our library-specific stuff, like:

16. RSS feeds from the library catalog – searches to watch, favorite subject headings, favorite authors, new books, etc.

17. RSS feeds from library databases – searches to watch, etc.

18. That “what I have checked out” thing…

19. Library Calendar of Events feed

20. RSS feed of area happenings, coming from the library’s website

Can you think of other useful feeds?

RSS Ads are Starting to Appear

blog adGoogle has been testing out ads for RSS feeds. Take a peek at this image, taken in my bloglines account. If you go to the actual blog page, you don’t see the ad – it only appears in the RSS feed!

Honestly, I’m not sure what I think about that. On the one hand, some bloggers can probably make a few bucks… so that’s good – it’s something to show for all their hard work. But on the other hand, I like ad-free feeds. I really DON’T like USAToday or the Drudge Report’s pop-ups – thankfully, my pop-up blocker usually catches them. But they’re still nuisances (they aren’t caught all the time.

Or those pesky ads that pop-up on the page, right as I start to read something… and force me to waste my precious time looking for the “close this ad” X to click.

Either way, though – it should be an interesting development to watch.