My First Second Life Video

This is my first attempt at making a movie using the Second Life movie tools, and it came out ok. In the video, I’m sitting down and chatting with Stephen Mandelbrot in Cybrary City. Take a peek!I have to admit – I felt kinda odd doing that! The chair had a movement sim thing attached to it (both chairs did), so we were both doing the same movements at the same time… spooky! And of course, there’s that albino elf thing I have going on, too… :-)But at the same time – wow! I’ll also admit that the visual part of Second Life added a whole new dimension to chatting (Second Life has a chat/IM feature, which you can barely make out in the video).Now if only Second Life allowed voice chatting… THAT would be cool. And I suppose you CAN do that via Skype or some other similar tool. But an in-world type of voice chat would be even better. Why? It would make the whole experience a bit more seamless and easy-to-use, just like IM’ing in-world rather than having to use a normal IM service while being in-world. Just a thought.