Penguins at the Omaha Zoo

Update: How funny… this post was SUPPOSED to show up on my fledgling non-library blog, – not my library techie blog!

I’m doing an “etc” blog to get other non-library stuff out of my head. It will most likely include videoblog posts (stretching out a little more in that area), might include podcasts of music I create, and once in awhile will have a music and/or a church/worship team post (I drum for my church’s worship team). I still plan to post an occasional videoblog over here – but it will have a library focus to it.

As I said, this post wasn’t actually supposed to show up here. My etc blog works great – just for kicks, I set it up using the ftp version of blogger. But I attempted to post to the etc blog using Performancing, and apparently did something wrong when I set up the Performancing pointer. When I sent the post, I checked to see if the post hit the blog – and it wasn’t there. So I figured I goofed somewhere along the way, and posted the normal way (ie., went to blogger to do the post).

The post apparently decided to worm it’s way over here! So enjoy anyway – the penguins really ARE pretty cool.



Taken at the Omaha Zoo – the aquarium is extremely cool. This video shows the penguin tank.


Law Professor Bans Laptops in Class

From this article… a professor has banned the use of laptops in her class. The article says “Professor June Entman says her main concern is that
students are so busy keyboarding they can’t think and analyze what
she’s telling them.”

Wow. Just wow. I have a question… those students are TAKING NOTES. But using a laptop to do the note-taking.

How in the world is typing one’s notes somehow different from using pen and paper to take notes? Is there really a difference, other than laptops might be a bit more noisy?

Compared to what her students just might be doing in the “real world” (as in, using a laptop to take notes, write reports on the go, etc, etc), I’d think the professor would welcome the use of laptops.

But that’s just me.

Remixed Information Rap

There’s always a highly entertaining (and useful) Dead and Emerging Technologies forum at the Computers in Libraries conference. This year, D. Scott Brandt (who usually moderates these forums) started us off with a fun spoof of the “I’m too sexy” song – but he turned it into a rap about technology. It was pretty funny.

So, I had forgotten about that, and I was thinking about the topic of re-using content for web purposes. While thinking about this, an mp3 of Brandt’s “I’m too sexy for my disk” rap was pointed to on Jane Dysart’s blog. And I had some time on my hands…

So for your listening enjoyment, here’s a streaming version of an edited, remixed version of Mr. Brandt’s rap. And here’s a link to the mp3 version to download (free registration is required). For those curious souls – I used a free version of ACID (ACID XPress) for the music (I also had a CD of free music loops), and then moved the music over to Audacity, added the rap, and edited it to fit with the song.

Useful to libraries? Probably not. Fun to do? Yep.