Speaking & Consulting

I do a LOT of speaking, and I’d love to speak at your event! Hiring me is easy – email me at davidleeking [at] gmail dot com, and let’s talk about your needs, my speaking rate, etc (all those pesky little details).

What types of speaking engagements do I do? Pretty much anything:

  • Keynote presentations
  • Breakout sessions
  • half and full day seminars
  • Staff/Inservice day presentations

I cover a wide range of topics within libraries and emerging trends, including:

  • Building and maintaining digital branches
  • Building better websites
  • Dealing with technology change
  • emerging trends for libraries
  • Social media
  • Improving the customer experience
  • Hackerspaces and Digital Media Labs
  • etc!

Consulting work: Hire me to help you solve problems, plan for the future, and make videos for your library or organization. I have consulted in these areas:

  • Half and full day training workshops on the topics listed above
  • Technology brainstorming and planning
  • Planning and strategizing your organization’s social media needs
  • Video creation

I’m looking forward to meeting you, speaking at your event, and helping you plan for the future! Email davidleeking [at] gmail dot com, and let’s start making improvements NOW.