Test Driving & Experience

Ford FlexA warning for my regular readers – I don’t usually stray very far from professional topics on this blog (well, unless you’ve seen my videos or pics). For the most part, I’m all about social media, technology, and libraries. However, for the next few days, I’m also turning into a car reviewer. Huh? Let me explain …

Rachel from Social Media Group recently emailed, asking if I was interested in test driving a Ford Flex! Here’s the deal – I get to drive the car for about 5 days, and blog/twitter/video my experience driving and using the car. Which works quite well with my family, since we’re headed on a small road trip to visit my parents this weekend.


OK. So why am I doing this? A couple reasons come to mind:

  1. Book promotion. It’s quite possible that my posts will be linked and/or mentioned elsewhere. So I’m hoping people click through to my blog, see the link to my book … etc. More book sales is always a good thing.
  2. I write about emerging technology … and this car purportedly HAS emerging technology… we’ll see.
  3. They want my “authentic voice” or “experience” – if you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you’ll know I’m all about the experience! That felt right to me.
  4. Hoping that other librarian bloggers get noticed more in the general blogosphere. We’re smart! We’ve been doing SEO/search/IA/Usability/etc for much longer than most. And we NEED to have a bigger voice in that arena. Maybe this will help us get noticed a bit more? (ok, that one’s a bit of a stretch).
  5. And of course, there’s the “OhMyGoodnessGraciousTheyOfferedMeACarToTestDrive” reason, too. I admit, this is probably reason #1… so shoot me.

So there you have it! Enjoy … or just mark it “read” and move along…