2nd Annual Library Day in the Life Project

Remember my post about my day in the life a day or two ago? Guess what? Bobbi Newman, cool Digital Branch Manager at Chattahoochee Valley Libraries and blogger at Librarian by Day, just posted her Second Annual Library Day in the Life Project!

Here’s what Bobbi says about it: “What is the Library Day in the Life Project? well it started with this post suggesting that we blog what we do all day at work.  Libraries are changing so rapidly and we all know no one is reading books, despite what the public may think. ;-) The idea being that you’re sharing an average day, so many of us don’t have an average day though so a lot of people did a week, me included.”

How do you participate? Here’s what you do:

  • Go to the wiki
  • Create a pbworks account (it’s free)!
  • Add your name, your job title (so we can see what you do at a glance) and a link to your blog.
  • On the 27th start recording your day or week.  It doesn’t have to be a blog post it can be photos, podcasts or videos
  • Tag your posts, pictures, videos, podcasts with librarydayinthelife.
  • After you’ve finished your first day come go back to the wiki and edit your link to link directly to your tagged blog posts, videos or photos.
  • Of course read along!

Why would you want to do this? Well… it’s fun. It’s a great way to learn about using wikis, blogging, and other multimedia tools (depending on how you choose to share your day/week). And it’s a great way to compare what you do to what others with similar job titles do. How often do you have the opportunity to do that?

So – next week – start adding your day to the wiki!

Pic by Librarian by Day