Excerpt of Chapter 5 up at Webjunction

my book arrivedWebJunction recently excerpted chapter 5 of my new book in this article: Designing the Digital Experience: What is Community?

Here’s an excerpt of the excerpt:

Chapter 5 – What Is Community Focus?

What exactly is community focus, and how does it facilitate experiences in the digital space? To answer these questions, let’s consider what community focus means in the context of physical spaces, such as in a town hall meeting. In such meetings, people are focusing on one another: listening, sharing opinions, and discussing community needs. This type of interaction allows community members to voice opinions and concerns, providing a voice for the community. In this context, we can say community focus is an emphasis on participants’ ideas, concerns, and interactions.

The town hall meeting is just one example; people obviously hold many different types of meetings, from religious gatherings to departmental business meetings to family reunions. We tend to think meetings are important. Why is that? Because we find conversation important, and meeting together facilitates conversation.

Conversation inherently facilitates something else, too. It allows us to interact with members of our community with whom we wouldn’t normally interact or even know. This type of interaction allows us to feel as if we are participating in the “grand scheme of things.” The challenge, then, is to usher community into our digital space.

Go read the rest of the excerpt (or buy the book :-) ).

Information Tomorrow has finally arrived!

Information tomorrow: reflections on technology and the future of public and academic librariesCool beans! Rachel Singer Gordon’s newest book, Information Tomorrow: Reflections on Technology and the Future of Public and Academic Libraries, just came out. I know, because I received a copy in the mail today.

And why did I receive a copy? Because I wrote one of the chapters! My chapter is chapter 10, An Experience to Remember: Building Positive Experiences on Library Web Sites. It’s about… you guessed it… experience design and library websites. If you read the chapter and still want more, never fear – I’m 2/3’s of the way through a whole book on the topic. So hold on to those longings :-)

But please don’t stop at my little chapter! There are a bundle of amazing authors in this book, including:

  • Stephen Abram
  • Lori Bell
  • Steven J. Bell
  • John Blyberg
  • Robert Bocher
  • Daniel Chudnov
  • Jill Emery
  • Meredith G. Farkas
  • Megan K. Fox
  • Beth Gallaway
  • Joseph Janes
  • David Lee King
  • Jenny Levine
  • Tom Peters
  • Dorothea Salo
  • John D. Shank
  • Michael Stephens
  • Rhonda B. Trueman
  • Jessamyn West
  • Alane Wilson

Wow – just wow. I’m thrilled to see my name in this smorgasboard of emerging library delight.