Doing Unique Things at the Digital Branch

Not too long ago, I posted Doing Stuff at the Library’s Website to my blog, and my good friend Darlene Fichter added her thoughts to the post. Here’s what she said:

David – Good post and everyone should be able to say the purpose quickly and succinctly and know what experience they are crafting for visitors to have.

But I’d like to pose the question – what can we do online that is part of the library experience that we can’t do in the “physical” building?

  • time shifting comes to mind – the shift worker’s reading club
  • write on the book cover
  • write in the margins for the next reader (option to show or hide)
  • hold your next concert from the reading room aka those Xmas cards with different backgrounds and sets

More ideas?

Gina Millsap, the library director at MPOW, says the same thing. A “Digital Branch” because of it’s very nature (ie., online, virtual, digital) has the great potential to do stuff simply not possible in a normal, physical library.

So – what do you think? What can we do in our digital branches that we can’t do in our physical branches? Any ideas?

photo by Cindi Trainor