Tips for Managing Social Media Burnout

Great tips from the Nonprofit Tech 2.0 blog on avoiding social media burnout (some of which I could use, boy howdy). The tips are:

  1. Don’t update your organization’s profiles on the weekend.
  2. Pick a time to quit in the evening and stick to it.
  3. Pick one social networking profile and keep it entirely for fun and your personal life.
  4. Sometimes just leave the smartphone at home.
  5. Take time for lunch.
  6. Breathe, exercise, and treat yourself. Seriously.
  7. Make time to connect with friends… in person or over the phone!
  8. Ignore, block, and delete grumpy, mean people.
  9. Stay focused on the Good.
  10. Make sure your work is appreciated by the higher ups in your organization.

Go read the whole article – lots more explanation for each point! Here are a couple more articles on burnout for those interested:

Pic by shoothead