10 Tips to Do Presentations Like Me: Learn Your PC

Tip #4: Learn how to use your PC (or the PC you’ll be using for the presentation)

I have to admit it – it bugs me when someone stands up in front of everyone – especially at a tech conference – accidentally moves to the next slide … and can’t figure out how to go back to the previous slide.

They get all flustered, blame “technology,” and finally decide to solve the problem by getting out of presentation mode, finding the proper slide, then restarting the presentation. Or by just skipping that slide.

I get it – when we’re standing up in front of people giving a presentation, it’s weird – and we sometimes get a bit flustered when things go wrong. That makes sense.

Because of that, I’d suggest this – take 10 minutes to figure out that PC, and the software you’re using for the presentation. Find all the different ways to advance slides (spacebar, arrow keys, etc). Figure out how to go back to the previous slide (as in the left/right arrow keys).

If you’re planning to do some slightly advanced stuff like playing a video, either in-presentation or not, make sure you test it multiple times – in your office AND on stage. Make sure you know how to turn up the audio.

Do this little bit of prep work, and you’ll look that much more confident and knowledgeable. That weird feeling you get when you’re doing a speaking gig? It’ll still be there (the only way to get rid of that is lots of experience or being an uber-extrovert) … but at least you’ll know how to go back to that slide you just skipped!

Planning for Success Cookbook from MaintainIT

From Brenda Hough at MaintainIT:

“The MaintainIT Project is happy to announce the latest Cookbook!
“Planning for Success”

It’s a free online resource with current ideas and best practices for
planning, building, and managing your library’s computer technology.
Librarians around the country have contributed their knowledge on
topics ranging from security solutions and strategic maintenance
practices to community building experiences involving Web 2.0 tools
and vital partnerships. And the Cookbook is FREE.

Cookbook topics include:
–       Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
–       Evaluations and Metrics
–       Talking with non-techies
–       Standardizing your IT infrastructure
–       Leasing computers
–       Disk-cloning in libraries
–       Remote desktop software
–       Hiring the right techs
–       Selecting and configuring a firewall
–       Gaming in Libraries
–       What to Consider When Evaluating and Implementing Web 2.0 Tools in
Your Library
–       And more!!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to all three Cookbooks. These
resources reflect the impressive work you all do, and we’re so happy
to share them with everyone.

Don’t forget to check out the FREE webinars MaintainIT offers, too:


Go check it out – there’s lots of good stuff here!