Why Use Twitter?

I frequently give “Cool Stuff” presentations at my library’s weekly management meetings. Tomorrow’s presentation focuses on Twitter – so I thought I’d gather some ideas on Twitter use from my fellow Twitter users. Here’s what I asked: “working on a twitter presentation for management – anyone want to share what you like about twitter?

Within 20 minutes, I had received over 23 answers! Look at the interesting variety of answers:

  • amylibrarian – “keeping informed on technology and library issues”
  • digitalsista – “twitter is a resource on news and local grassroots activities”
  • pghgurl30 – “I like it cuz I can follow a variety of people easily, librarians, blogfriends”
  • Jill_HW – “Twitter = Instant support, feedback, solutions, etc.”
  • book_luvr – “I learn so much from all of you that I follow! I’m able to share with staff here.”
  • kenleyneufeld – “I find Twitter useful for professional networking.”
  • julian2 – “The conversation is very quick and enriched.”
  • jessewilkins – “more specifically crowdsourcing of links to resources.”
  • ehampton – “quick and easy networking!”
  • strnglibrarian – “the networking! the instant news! the connection to the outside world (from anywhere). are the first things that come to mind”
  • baldgeekinmd – “twitter can be quick and dirty, reach many easily and frustrating when it is not working right.”
  • bschu1022 – “The networking! I can get an answer to a question (in seconds!) from colleagues around the world & not just by email or phone!”
  • MyCreativeTeam – “twitter likes: follow/pitch journalists, query experts, gather blog fodder, promote blog via twitterfeed, quick friend contact”
  • sarchet62 – “I’m following as many health care providers I can find on twitter and learning learning learning helps in my work!!” and “if all you did was follow news channels the tweets are worth it”
  • bckhough – “Twitter made this year’s ALA my best ALA experience yet. It added an energy or connectedness that has been missing”
  • NikkiPilkington – “Quick and easy way to get marketing messages out to interested people”
  • coyenator – “connecting with people, cross-pollinating ideas, apps, experience, info, tools, innovations, and of course, opinions!”
  • znstrk – “quick responses when you ask a question, and interesting tweets from others.”

Themes that stand out: crowdsourcing, news, networking, sharing ideas and messages, staying connected. This quick question turned into an amazing crowdsourced answer the question “why do you use Twitter?”

Do you have anything to add?