CSS Primer Using Dreamweaver 8

For those library website designers out there who are just starting to experiment with using CSS instead of tables, this article is an excellent place to start.

The article explains how to set up Dreamweaver 8 for CSS styling, and then how to build a basic webstie using CSS for positioning rather than tables.

Have fun!

CSS and Handheld Versions of Websites

image of pda screenGo over to webis.net and take a peek at the website. Then look at this image of the website viewed with my iPaq. Nothing terribly noticeable
or cool, you say? Wrong!

The cool thing? The designer separated the style from the content using
CSS, and also has allowed my PDA to view the website in a friendly
format, also using CSS (from pocketpcthoughts.com).

Web designers take note – you no longer have to create a separate page
or version of your website only for mobile users sporting handhelds.
Now you can use “”CSS to format your content in such a way that any
computing device can consume the content.” How cool is that?