Steps to Mapping a Customer’s Journey

Designing the Digital ExperienceAwhile back, I sent Valeria Maltoni (who writes the cool Conversation Agent blog) a copy of my bookDesigning the Digital Experience.

She’s been reading it, and blogged about it (very awesome – thanks, Valeria)! And in the process, she has some really good pointers about mapping the customer journey (which I wrote about in Chapter 11). She came up with some steps to mapping a customer’s journey:

  1. Connect the dots between internal preparedness and external needs – overcoming internal processes and barriers that block you from giving your customer a better “journey”
  2. Integrate what you say with what you do – “How are all of the messages you’re sending out in each medium integrating with the feedback you receive in that medium, for example? What are you learning and feeding back into the process?”
  3. Innovate at each touch point – “What process or tool have you not updated for a long time and needs revisiting, for example?”

… and each point discusses the “moment of truth” found in each of those steps.

Go read the whole post – good stuff there!