Hire YourLibrarySite to build… your library website!

Ever want to build or redesign your library’s website, but don’t have the technical expertise in-house? Here’s one interesting recent development on that front:

From an email I received from Paul Berger: “I wanted to let you know about the web development services we have put together here in Eugene Oregon. Yourlibrarysite.com was recently launched to serve public libraries with cost-effective development services that are built on Drupal open source content management.

Yourlibraysite.com is an initiative built by CraftySpace, L.L.C., an Internet technology company focused on website and web application development services for education and professional organizations. Some time ago, the Metropolitan Cooperative Library System (MCLS.org), an association of 33 public libraries located in the greater Los Angeles area approached us to respond to their needs for a new site. Our proposal won the contract and we developed their current site, followed by sites for several of their member libraries. We learned a lot about the needs of public libraries and how to respond to those needs using Web 2.0 thinking and technology.

Yourlibrarysite.com encompasses what we learned working with MCLS. By standardizing our technical approach and tools; and by using Drupal, we believe we can provide public libraries with powerful websites at costs that rival in-house development. We have a subscription-based solution for small libraries with a very low cost of entry. These sites can be launched in under 30 days.”

Someone reading this just might find their services useful… enjoy!