CIL2008, Day 2 Keynote: “The Dutch Boys”

Two years ago, Delft bought a mobile recording facility – to teach kids how to tell their own stories via sound and video.

These guys do a fun presentation. They talked about the documentary they made, visiting libraries across America. Their first stop was New York – so Eric asked if anyone was in the audience from New York Public Library – someone raised her hand, so she was invited onstage to site with the speakers… and was offered a cookie, too (she was actually from Georgia…).

They showed snippets of their documentary, then spoke, then more snippets, etc.

Next, they invited Matt Gullett on stage and talked about PLCMC’s story-making initiatives

At Imaginon, they measure the creative things that come out of it in addition to things like door counts. And they tell and share stories to show usefulness.

Then they showed a clip of library science students, and invited a library science student on stage…

One skill all librarians need – from the MLS student – “the ability to adapt to change.”